Happy New Year!!!

Many of you might have noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated in two months. I left the blog without a trace, but my absence wasn’t a total loss. For two months, I’ve been scouring the Internet for information regarding possible 2013 additions to the Pokémon franchise. And, with my return comes great news. On January 8, the Pokémon Company will make an official announcement in Japan. Most likely, this announcement will consist of some (or all) of the following:

1) The sixteenth Pokémon movie’s first full-length trailer and/or premiere date, featuring Genesect [#649]

2) More information regarding Pokémon Best Wishes: Episode N

3) The anime getting a new schedule change, in which the time and channel will accompany recent events

4) New games for recent and upcoming consoles (Pokémon Black 3, White 3, and the R/S remakes are the games most, not only expected, but contributed, by fans. Pokémon in 3D, anyone??)

5) New system/console (perhaps a dedicated Pokémon console which houses all the games from R/B/G/Y to B2/W2? It also could come with one-use upgrade discs or packs (“offline” Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection) which download content for each of the games as the content is released to the physical games. The packs, in time, may even bring entire games akin to availability of a new and unreleased one…)

At this time, all of us at “Yardnoms’s Pokémon news” would like to welcome you to 2013. I’d like to thank you all for being so supportive of this blog, otherwise known as the “Internet’s best-kept secret…” I would like this blog to eventually be known across the ends of the Earth, or, to lower the scale, about 15% of all web viewers. That is my New Years’ Resolution of 2013: to become known.

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