N’s anime appearance

Next week, heads will turn a la Linda Blair. It seems that the then-unknown, well-spoken former King of Team Plasma (N) will make a third visit to the Unova Region. However, it won’t be in the games that he makes his return (as far as anyone knows). Nor will it be in the trading card game. The anime has no mention of Team Plasma’s leader or Team Plasma, though Giovanni mentioned them in two episodes that have not been aired and have been indefinitely postponed due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, “Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma” Parts 1 and 2. However, N will make his first appearance, in an upcoming episode, tentatively titled, “ポケットモンスターベストウイッシュ シーズン2 エピソードN” [Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2 – Episode N]. Next week’s episode may also mark a new chapter (milestone) in the characters’ journey, or the anime program itself.

Think N would make an excellent rival for Ash?

ポケットモンスターベストウイッシュ シーズン2 エピソードN and/or the milestone episode will air on TV Tokyo next Thursday, December 06, at 7:00 PM Japanese Standard Time. If you live in America and you would like to watch it, you’d have to get up pretty early on Thursday. How early, you say? Well…

If you live in the Eastern Time Zone – 5:00 AM

If you live in the Pacific Time Zone – 4:00 AM

If you live in the Mountain or Arizona Time Zone – 3:00 AM

If you live in the Atlantic Time Zone – 2:00 AM

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, it would be the regular rising time of 6:00 AM/7:00 AM.

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