Quick to bed, early to rise

The spirit of Pokémon will never depart from my mind, body, and soul. It is far too extreme to think a series (Japanese or American) will ever surpass the Pokémon franchise, in terms of revenue or fellowship. If one does garner enough loyalty to surpass the only franchise I have been known to love, respect, and cherish throughout my existence, however, I will be looking through saddened eyes for the rest of time. That is, until Pokémon makes a comeback, effectively ensuring one of the few top spots among the world’s role-paying gamers, only rivaled by Mario. My gaming life-style is uncanny, to say the least. I own at least half of the English-dubbed Indigo League episodes on VHS and DVD, the first two movies (and Mewtwo Returns) on VHS, and the third, sixth, ninth, tenth, and fourteenth (both White and Black) movies on DVD. I have strategy guides for Pokémon Gold and Silver, their Gen. IV remakes, and Pokémon Stadium (which I don’t even physically own). I possess Pokémon Red Version, Blue Version (Japanese), Yellow Version (Japanese), Silver Version (American and Japanese), Crystal Version, Pearl Version, Platinum Version, HeartGold Version, Black Version, and White Version 2. I play the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on my phone. In fact, if I were to be quizzed on Pokémon by Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, Junichi Masuda and Kunihiko Yuyama… I would get 98% of the answers correct. What follows is my rendition of an autobiography of the greatest Pokémon master of all time. Enjoy!

Alexwald16 started his Pokémon journey at the age of seven years, only a few years younger than most in training. New Bark Town is where he grew up, and, subsequently, where he obtained his first Pokémon, Chikorita. Times were as tough as the challenges back then, but, eight gym badges later, he finally confronted the Elite Four, and the Pokémon League Champion. After he had defeated the Champion, his pseudo-rival gave up and traded titles with alexwald16. Defeating his pseudo-rival was difficult indeed, but there was an ultimate test, beyond the Championship and capturing all one hundred fifty-one Pokémon… one challenge he had awaited his whole journey for. Atop the highest mountain in the region, his real rival waited for alexwald16’s arrival. Once he climbed the mountain, alexwald16 was face-to-face with his rival, the most powerful Pokémon trainer who ever lived, Red. No words were exchanged. The ultimate battle had begun. Now, twelve years later, with forty badges and five Championships to his name, alexwald16 travels each region as the greatest Pokémon master, searching far and wide, for he is the very best that no one ever was. He has captured six hundred forty-six Pokémon out of the six hundred and forty-nine he has seen.

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